• 24th September 2018
  • SB admin
  • Match

These are the teams for the first tournament of the season.

There are more players this season so there may be some overlap.

Please remember the new rules about Respect & Fair Play!

Angela & Sue will be the joint squad managers for this tournament.

Please click on ‘Read More’ to see the full list of teams..


James B            (Coach)

Ollie K                (Coach)

Harry F              (Coach)

Lee D

James T

Anthony M

Terry C

Will M

Steve H

Ian P



Aldo G                (Coach)

James R            (Coach)

Rodger T           (Captain)

Harry C              (Vice-Captain)

Chris B

Jason J

Tom S

Mike S

Scott W

Joaquin H



David E              (Captain)

Danny O            (Vice-Captain)

David L              (Vice-Captain)

Paul F

Parth Y

Katie B

James S

Jordan S

Neil S

John C

Stephen W

Luke A

Steven D